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Amidst the buzz of redevelopment, the Garland District hangs out on the edge of Spokane’s North Hill neighborhood. The North Hill itself is bounded by Ash to the West, Division to the East, Cora to the South, and Francis to the North. The Hill commands uninhibited views of the city along Gordon, Glass, and Courtland Avenues. Locals are known to camp their gear here during Fourth of July as the downtown lights up with Roman candles and Lady Fingers.

With buildings like the Milk Bottle and the historic Garland Theatre serving as anchors, it is no surprise that Garland Avenue is quickly becoming a community pulse for locals. Parking, though easily located on the street, is used mostly by Spokanites from other areas of the city. Neighbors leave their cars at home and walk to enjoy a cup of coffee over chess at the Rocket Bakery. Bookworms pay homage as they glide easily from store to store pursuing used and new items to add to their collections. On a Friday night, the edgy come to a show at the Blue Door Theatre, while families catch a flick at the only Art Deco discount theatre in the city. Diversity is sprinkled throughout the North Hill represented on Garland by Lacomka Russian Pastries, art galleries, and other small businesses. To a native, Garland is a slice of Spokane’s small town feel amongst a city of thousands.