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Established in 1883, Browne’s Addition is considered one of Washington State’s oldest neighborhoods. It is listed as a National Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Browne’s Addition Historic District in Spokane encompasses a well-preserved residential section south of the Spokane River Gorge and immediately west of the city center. It was platted in the 1880’s and intensively developed for well-to-do clients around the turn of the century. Over the years many of the historic mansions have been turned into apartment buildings while condos and modern apartment buildings have also gone up throughout the neighborhood. It is one of the more diverse neighborhoods in the city where you can rent an apartment for $300 or buy a new condo for over $350,000.

Currently, many young professionals populate the neighborhood and provide a vibrant scene at the local coffee shop [Cabin Coffee] and pub [The Elk]. Browne’s Addition has one of the oldest parks in the city, Coeur D’ Alene Park and also houses the Museum of Arts and Culture. During the 70’s and 80’s the neighborhood lost many of its historic homes to large apartment developments. This trend has been reversed recently with many of the historic homes being renovated to their original glory. If you want central city convenience with plenty of open space and access to the Spokane River Gorge then Browne’s Addition is your scene.