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Ooh, pretty! Copper is one of my favorite materials because it ages so interestingly.


It's nice to have a variety of building materials and designs for a city. In Spokane's case, materials and designs need to compliment the historic brick of the city.
How it the copper roof of the carrousel building doing after all the years? I can't recall at this moment in time.


i think i'll like it better once the copper starts to patina a bit. For some reason i've never really liked newish copper on a building.

All in all i really like this structure as well, although their connection to the existing historic building really irks me.


I love how the copper roof of the fire station near the Maple Street bridge looks on the aerial photo at maps.google.com. Zoom out a ways and it stands out like a jewel.

So we've got the fire station, NAC, and Looff... any others?


There's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church on Washington.


I like the copper cladding too - but copper ages so slowly here in Spokane that this building may well be obsolescent by the time the green patina develops naturally. Maybe a little acid wash to speed the process? Do wish they'd been as creative with the parking arrangement as they were with the building, but overall, this is a real gem!


Don't foget the copper spire on the Jundt Art Gallery at Gonzaga. Always liked the design which plays off of the spires at St. Als.
We need more expressive design around here don't you think? These mentioned are all great.

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