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Ugg, G Prep Chapel?? Woah. I guess huge textureless walls of concrete are just as depressing as the thoughts expressed within them.


Dear J,
There is something to be said for simplicity of form and the honest expression of materials shown by the Chapel.

While you are certainly entitled to your opinions on matters of beauty, let's keep this conversation about the architecture and away from your personal opinions on the beliefs of others.



The concept of the chapel was to take away all the unneccesary ornament of the structure and leave only what can clearly be seen to support the building. The concrete serves as an element with which to ground the structure, while the roof form reaches up to the sky giving a feeling to lightness. This lightness would be better appreciated on the interior where the ceiling soars towards the skylight. I will admit, it feels like a lot of concrete, but the interior space it encloses is really the big show.

Although I am not Catholic, I believe that the simple form and materials of the building and the message Christianity still apply. When you strip everything else out of the message it leaves us with this: even though we were still sinners, God loved us so much that he sent his Son to die for us to forgive us. Even when we screw up and deny God, He still loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. All we can do is live in response to knowing that Jesus loves us.


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