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who did the Qwest guy vote for?

Qwest Guy

Sorry about that I must have fallen asleep om the keyboard again while trying to do a write-in vote for The Davenport Tower. ;)

Silent Bahb

Oh my. I just about fell off my chair. Can you imagine the Davenport tower winning such a reward? Ewwww!

As much as I was pulling for the Fox, I am glad a good project won and I was pleased to see so many good examples of unique and well-designed buildings throughout the contest. Quest guy aside, this has been a lot of fun - thanks for all your work behind the scenes, MS.


oh!! I am so happy! and so surprised! Great news!!

I mean, I love the Fox, don't get me wrong, but its miracle is not architecture, its miracle is development and restoration.

The Hospice House is lovely and important.

Thanks, MetroSokane!


Yes, thank you, Metro for the opportunity to participate in this fun voting event!


Well I was out of town and didn't get to vote, but this was a cool contest idea, and I can definitely agree with the results. Oh Fox Theatre, you were beautiful even when your murals were covered with smoke residue and your floors with sticky soda pop <3

Also, I pretty much love the fact that somebody tried to stuff the ballot box, proving that architecture must get at least one Spokane resident's blood boiling.


Just realised that I screwed up my comment - the sentence about the Fox should have included the phrase, "but you're not exactly a new project". Or something.

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