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Silent Bahb

Seriously? Can I just stand on the opposite side of the street with a big sign showing the definition of "comedy?"

Of course it's offensive. It has a white man playing a black man. It's supposed to be offensive!

Marc Driftmeyer

The satire is designed to test the boundaries of Society and it's flexibility. We went from making fun of every ethnic group, whites included, to being declared racists if one even thinks of mocking specifically the black race, unless you happen to be black.

The comedy spits in the face of such political correctness and shows how pathetic society becomes when it socially strangles itself in an effort to show respect to another racial group.

People as individuals can police themselves and take responsibility for their behavior and words.

If we cannot mock ourselves this world will reach a point of fracture and revolt that makes the 60s look small, by comparison.

El Corte

I ran into these guys on my way to Nordies one day- this whole thing is retarded- oops!

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