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This is a great display of a not-in-my-back-yard complaint. It’s far more interesting than a hand painted sign. It scares me a bit too, which I suppose may be part of the point.


This is rad.


Here's a picture of what they're protesting...


Hey, that's in my neighborhood. I don't much care for the aesthetic of the "renovation" but considering I live across the street from this, well, it could be, and is, worse for some.

The protest, however, is quite late. The dang thing is nearly done and folks'll be movin' in shortly.


Hey Brad! So what is the deal on that house? I ride by there all the time. At least they're doing some work on it now.

Silent Bahb

Hmmm. Protesting a visual impact with an even WORSE visual impact? Does anyone else feel this is a little like killing abortion doctors?


Haha i definitely live here && my dad is definitely the shit.


LOL, Damn Right He's The Shit! Who Else has even seen a pregnant mannequin, let alone put it in your yard in protest!

El Corte

I thought protests with automatic weapons were only staged in my hood...who knew!

Anne Darrell

I live nearby and I think he is too much. Take the stuff down already...we are tired of your silly protest! Get over yourself!


Hey Jacque, the deal on the house is stalled. One neighbor, who writes a regular column for the Inlander but won't be named, just in case, is behind a neighborhood effort to get the house and yard cleaned up. However, the work is stalled because the owner of the house is reported to have broken his hip. Of course, he wasn't doing the work (at 80 plus years of age) so I don't know why that would slow things down, or grind them to a halt, which is what has happened. Perhaps it's because his son is the contractor. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Probably a whole new blog could be devoted to the Pierce's ancestral home.

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