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Here were the comments I submitted:

1. Bus Rapid Transit: BRT Transit DOES NOT have the same cachet as a streetcar so don't fool yourselves into thinking the city will get the streetcar mass transit bump for half the price. BRT suffers from the same real problems/perceived stigma as busses: Most people feel they are dirty, unsafe, unsophisticated, noisy and generally unbecoming of a vibrant metropolitan area. Looking for a house/condo or apartment I would actually be attracted to an area serviced by a street car line or light rail, I would probably be repulsed by bus rapid transit. If Spokane is serious about vibrant downtown development they'll get with the program and ditch the BRT for progressive mass transit.

2. Bicycles: Bike lanes aren't for the convenience of cars, they are for the convenience of bicycle riders and your plan which seems to propose routing bike lanes along the periphery of downtown without a direct route through it. A lane down Sprague would enable commuters from one side of downtown to conveniently commute through the city without being routed out of their way like a second-class vehicle. That said, more routes are better than what currently exists. Portland now paints their bike lanes green to add extra separation and this works brilliantly in a city with a large bicycle commute.

3. Circulation: The city would vastly benefit from two way traffic on many of the streets currently designated as couplets. Living downtown I see these streets used as high speed drag strips, or otherwise deserted. Two way traffic with additions like landscaped island dividers and other traffic-slowing measures would be an incredible boon to businesses and pedestrians. Just a cursory glance at Riverside west of Monroe shows how this downtown could be transformed from a harsh and often desolate neighborhood into a lush area that attracts development.

4. Tree policy: Spokane has been getting better about its greening habits, but most of those wimpy trees with the easy-to-clean sliver leaves do little else besides provide the aura of a tree. They provide little comfort or shade and do little to blunt the harshness of downtown's environment. Slow-growing trees make a district into a neighborhood.

Marc Driftmeyer

As a Mechanical Engineer and Computer Scientist I'm completely unimpressed with this vision for a future infrastructure.

Way to whine and push for a niche bike group that serves nothing but a small group who, already downtown, will smile on their bike.

Whose transporting, in large groups, these bike enthusiasts to downtown which is in a valley relative to the North and South Hills?

No lightrail, no hub for heavy transport mixed use to the University and High-tech corridor which needs materials transportation other than via the semi truck.

A complete lack of engineering talent resides in Spokane.

Here is a clue folks: 80% of Spokane County growth is south of 57th Ave. It's zone for South and that's over 100k conservatively estimated residents.

Turn downtown into an urban sprawl of metrosexual flats and wasted loft space all you want.

We should have a HUB to make transport from the West Coast to the Midwest go through more than the Airport.

With Algae Biodiesel soon to hit the streets and the Train Industry seeing a rightly deserved revival we have a golden opportunity to build smartly in these areas.

Just two years ago people voted down the Lightrail and now with fuel prices twice their price we have a plan about a dedicated bike lane?

What a joke.

Let me know how many people ride from the SouthHill and back up just to get to and from work. I'm sure it's in the single digits, per day. Perhaps we could put 5 bikes, per bus, what a joy!

I love bikes but this isn't Daytona Beach where the steepest grade is 1 degree.

Having lived in San Francisco I would kill to have the K, L, M cars and more to get around the area. I'd have a spot for the bike and use the trolly.

Spokane had them once, but I guess we're so progressive we don't need them anymore.


Um...there are ten (10) chapters in the study...only one addresses the bicycle network. Transit (including light rail) - CH6, Freight CH8

"a complete lack of engineering talent resides in Spokane."

Yeah, OK, whatever.

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