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El Corte

I'm praying this is something cafe-like because without Doyle's, I'm left with Bong's and the Maxwell House as my go-to neighborhood eateries. Not that I have anything against either of those two locations- best chicken fried steak in Spokane at the Maxwell House!


Your prayers are answered... sort of. The porch, in addition to being the things already mentioned, is a church. http://www.theporchspokane.org/
They have been in the Garland district for quite some time (I think in the blue door theater).
It's nice seeing people "love thy neighbor" in neighborhoods instead of warehouses in the burbs.


Yeah I saw that about a week or two ago, in fact the street itself was undergoing some construction. If you ask me that part of Broadway is kind of nice, it just needs some fixing up. Some of the houses further west have a lot of potential, but they're just really run down.

I'm keeping my eye on that part of town that's for sure.

Heidi Lynn

I am excited about this Outreach and am trying to let those I run into know about it!!!!!!:)


"I'm keeping my eye on that part of town that's for sure." ~Alberto

I concur. With Kendall Yards going in just two blocks south, there is lots of potential for this historic neighborhood.

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