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Jim Grapes

Exciting news. I'm excited to watch the development proceed. Lots of economic benefit to Spokane and this should really unify the north side of the city core more tightly to the rest of the city.


This is the sign that goes up on vacant parcels aspiring to be strip malls that is quickly covered with graffiti and eventually blows down. It’s a bad sign literally and figuratively. Given that the developer has aggressively promoted the smallest developments on this project and has been silent about setbacks would suggest that this falls into the latter category. And how does “build to suit” fit into a master plan?


Well said transplant....This does not look good for the project in the short term! A press release of some sort is in order to clarify the status of the project. It seems that he has been unable to get a partner to go in on the project with him and they are having trouble recruiting retailers in this down market. I think, in order for this project to start anytime soon, he will need to scale back on the projected retail space!


great scoop Metro! I was driving by this sign yesterday and was actually going to ask if you knew anything about it! I would agree with Transplant and Rob - it looks like this could be a bad sign for the development as they have not issued any sort of press release in quite a while and although they talk about wanting to break ground if you check the city's website you'll see that they don't even have any engineering documents submitted yet which means that they're a lot further from breaking ground than Black Rock states.

The one possibly good scenario would be the development of the infrastructure of Kendall Yards by the developer and then selling or leasing off parcels with strict design and development standards and timelines to individual builders.


Our worst nightmare. Yes, the Chesrowns owe the community an explanation. Build to suit is a great big red flag. The last thing we need or more importantly want is out of town strip mall development overlooking our most treasured asset - the great gorge. Come on folks get your backs up on this and let's contact Tom Reese at BlackRock for a liitle more information.


Why is Scott Chesrown's name on the sign and not Tom Reese...is the lack of progress finally pushing Tom out?

Build to suit scares the hell out of me...if I see a Walgreens at the corner of Monroe and Bridge I'm moving!

Jon Snyder

Is it a sign or a white flag? I live near KY, and I really think it could be cool. But you have to wonder if Black Rock is in over it's head. Sure, it's tricky development, but every month it gets pushed back just seems to make it trickier.


As long as we're listing all the ways that sign is a Sign of the Apocalypse: Count the fonts used on it. THREE, no, FOUR fonts.

Anybody who approved that "graphic design" should be kept as far away from master planning processes as possible!

Marc Driftmeyer

Paranoia runneth amuck amongst those that stress over such signs.

Nothing done by BlackRock is ever remotely close to a StripMall status.


You want to fester over this be my guest.

You could always contact Blackrock and ask for a follow-up clarification on what they consider that sign to entail.

Use a phone and talk.


Hey Nedermeyer - Take off the cranky pants.


The one existing rendering of Kendall Yards (one rendering for an 80-acre project?) is identical to the Furniture Row strip mall in the Valley. One rendering in the “gallery” and Kendall Yards’ barebones website that’s never been updated (the “press room” has two measly articles and the site still lists the Post Street sales office that never opened for sales but has been on the market itself for months) makes me wonder how serious the project was to begin with. And it’s a common complaint that from anyone who’s tried to get a response from Black Rock about Kendall Yards that it’s futile.


I find it somewhat interesting that they have reverted to local marketing to find suiters for the property. For many months they have sought national partners to no avail. I think the reason is because anyone from the outside looks at this market and knows this project does not make fiscal sense and it appears to be an uphill battle, however people who know the Spokane market are usually surprised by the level of support and the kind of money some people have in the area.


From the start this was spoken of as a 20+ year project. We all would love it to be done already but it's going to take a LONG time. If you haven't noticed the economy has hit a bit of a rough patch and most smart people are not expanding their businesses or building new housing units right now.


MK is right on track. I was reading on the New York Times the current stockpile of EXISTING homes in the U.S. is enough to satisfy the demand for approximately 2 years.

Asher Ernst

That number sounds a bit high, and you have to remember that in reality there is no such thing as a "national housing market" and definitely not "national demand" since we can't ship an unused house in Phoenix (bad market) to Charlotte, NC (good market). there are a lot of small regional and local housing markets. Spokane is a much different market than what is currently happening nationally with most spec housing having around a 6.2 month supply here in Spokane County which is admittedly much higher than anybody would like, but can't be compared to areas like the Central Valley in California that may have a few years supply.


I agree with your points and did not mean to imply that Spokane is in line with the national average. I do think that this development will be very slow going until the local over supply is cleared up, and will remain sluggish until the national problems start getting better. Of course, I could be wrong :).

El Corte

"Hello, Walmart?"

The first "sign" was when they removed the intimidating looking heavy machinery that sat idle on the lot for months. It gave you the impression that something big was going to happen- and it never did.

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