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What? A Starbucks in Hillyard unsuccessful? I thought that neighborhood loved burnt, over-priced coffee!


What?! I read MetroSpokane though I live in Japan because I care about urban planning and almost moved to Spokane a year back for work.... Why are you mourning the loss of a giant chain in a strip mall shop? This should be celebrated, not mourned.


Yes, let's celebrate that people are losing their jobs. It's awesome! Also really good for the local economy...

And let's also completely ignore the "Here's hoping a good local operation can move into the vacated Starbucks and make it Spokane's own" line.



It's not the greatest coffee, but it did provide options to that neighborhood beyond the 'drive-through' coffee hut.


Starbucks is a giant chain but its a Washington based giant chain...I think we can like those. It's almost local right? Like when I visit starbucks in Iowa it's a taste of home? I just hope a Dunkin' Donuts doesn't move in...

Silent Bahb

Sadly, MK, the slow decline of Starbucks appears to have been followed by an equally slow movement back to basic coffee - which may be why Dunkin' Donuts is doing so well lately. Personally, I'll let everyone on the east coast drink that stuff.


Mmmmmmm...Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Dunkin is good stuff.

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