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I have mixed feelings about private businesses encroaching on public sidewalks. I don't mind as long as the majority of the sidewalk is still available for walking on. I noticed the new Monterey Cafe had a sign/notice up about sidewalk seating. Not so sure how well it will work since the sidewalk there on Washington street is not very big.


Awesome! The very best cities I've been to have a variety of outdoor seating options - people simply like to eat outdoors when it's nice out. The key is to make not only an outdoor seating area, but an attractive one. The best and easiest way to do that is to dramatically increase our urban greenery downtown. Plants, planters with flowers, lots more trees than currently grace that area of town. More green = great outdoor living, as well as outdoor eating.

Silent Bahb

Ben, yes these take up a little sidewalk space. But I have to say the benefits WAY outstrip the loss of some walking space. Outdoor seating can tie the outdoor and indoor environments together in ways not possible otherwise. While you lose a little space, the feel of the sidewalk and its attractiveness to pedestrians is often enhanced. Look at the opposite idea, those windows with mirrored film on them (reported previously by MS), and tell me which is more welcoming and inviting to pedestrians. Besides, when was the last time you were walking six people abreast on a Spokane sidewalk?

I say if we can tie stores and restaurants to the environment outside their doors, especially given what downtown was like 10-15 years ago, let's do it!

That being said, I think there are prettier ways than what ZOLA has built. But anything is better than a cold, lonely sidewalk.


We'll...it certainly does not look like it is finished. Lets see the finished product and then we can judge. But anything that tie in what is going on inside with outside will certainly be an advantage. The only disadvantage I see is that the store front is not large enough to accommodate more outside seating!


I agree Jon. Seattle, Portland, Boise, most cities have outdoor cafe seating and it creates a great feel during the warm weather months. Finally we seem to be gaining on the 21st century. I plan to sit in the sun at one of these locations and enjoy the sophisticated urban vibe. Can't wait to see how the Bordeax on Broadway emerges from that incredible European feeling structure!


The fence is a bit odd, that's for sure. I like the cafes that build a little terrace, so that the outdoor seating is just slightly removed from the action on the sidewalk.

But it's a very nice idea to add more outdoor seating in Spokane.

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