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The bingo hall on Sprague. I have only lived here 2 years but I can tell you right now that used to be a Safeway. I love how the bingo sign is neon where the Safeway sign used to be.


I think there is one of these loan shark places in an old Taco Time in downtown Cheney.


PS - I did not post the faxless loan thingy. Merely a coincidence.


Wow, I love that website! What a find.

But personally I'd just be happy if somebody could just tell me what in God's name Molly's mascot is supposed to be. I haven't been home since Christmas, and yet that... thing... is still imprinted in my mind. A cat? A little yappy dog? A raccoon with a weird tail?

At least it's a good conversation starter while you're waiting at that light once you get off the freeway heading downtown. I've never been in a car with people who didn't immediately start discussing it.


Not a fast food restaurant conversion - but a fav conversion as of late is the old Bank/Dakotah Direct Building turned Bonsai Bistro Restaurant in downtown Coeur d'Alene.


I believe there is a Spokane Teachers Credit Union that used to be a Pizza Hut or other fast food place off of Northwest Boulevard

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