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Well, all is forgiven.

Unless you don't show up for the next Booze Walk. Then the gloves are off!

Bart Mihailovich

One more thing to consider:
Remi and Stefan were responsible for organizing one of Spokane's best ran events.... EVER - The Riverside Booze Walk (and this from a city of proud events; i.e. Hoopfest and Bloomsday)
Thanks metro(Spokane) for increasing Remi and Stefan awareness in Spokane!


Metro - normally you're spot on and so I went to this website. I looked through the restaurant reviews and found a coffee shop my wife likes and read the review (http://www.tasteeverythingonce.com/restaurants/828/) only to find them bashing Jesus and his disciples for no reason. I don't care who has these folks on speed dial if they're religious bigots - I don't know if that's what we mean when we talk about Spokane becoming more progressive, or is it?


No, it definitely is. God is dead, don't you read Time?

Mariah McKay

metrospokane = AWESOME
spokaneownsyou = AWESOME

Folks who increase public awareness and civic IQ with a sense of humor = PRICELESS


Religious views aside, I have to agree with sustainable on that review - it seems pointless to go on a religious tirade when the purpose of the site is to offer reviews on restaurants.

While I usually respect their opinions about local faire, I was disappointed in this particular "review".

With that said, keep on keepin' on, guys - I always enjoy reading metrospokane.


Forgive me, I'm an out of towner, but regarding the resturant review of the Service Station by Remi and Stefan, does anyone know of any Morman coffee shops in the area ? Or how about Hindu ?

I feel while sipping on a fresh cup of Joe it is very important to also have a holy and religious experience which may be attributed to and quite possilby enhanced by the particular brand of faith the person who prepares and serves the beverage practices.

Incorporating all kinds of faiths into the food and drink we injest is crucial to understanding the spiritual journey we as human beings travel during the consumption process.


Actually, they didn't write the initial review...

Silent Bahb

That was priceless, Andy. :o)

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