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The cynic in me wants to say, "Yeah... Or they could just make sure the buses run on time."

But seriously, it is a good idea. It could build a lot of trust.

Silent Bahb

Now, make it so the busses also provide free internet connectivity to riders and I am THERE!


Seattle doesn't have next bus signs at the major stops yet...It would be cool if Spokane could beat them to the punch!


Better hurry up on beating Seattle, then - the new "Swift" service from Everett to Shoreline coming online in 2009 is supposed to have real time monitors displaying when the next bus is scheduled to arrive.


Ok, so Snohomish county isn't technically "Seattle"... ;)


Cool, a flying bus! I'll ride!

Marco Esquandolas

STA is already planning for this. See page 35: http://www.srtmc.org/_assets/File/SRTMC_ITS%20Imp%20Update_FINAL%20REPORT.pdf
Also, the first phase is on this month's committee and Board agenda (not updated on the STA website yet).


I like this idea, but above all....I want two things:

1) More express buses

2) and more park and ride lots to accommodate the express buses.

Silent Bahb

Bit off topic, aren't we, Rob?


How is what I said off topic? We are talking about making STA more efficiant and ways to increase ridership. Don't you think more people would be inclined to ride the bus if they knew it would not add as much time to their commute and if they lived closer to park and ride lots that they felt comfortable leaving their cars at? Honestly, STA for the most part, is on time. I rarely experience buses that miss the scheduled time mark beyond 4-5 minutes and usually they are right on time. That is just he opposite I experienced when I lived in Seattle. The buses were never on time!

As I stated, "I like this idea", however I believe that my other two recommendations would provide more solvency for the issue of increased use of mass transit. After all, the goal for STA and services such as this is to increase usage by the citizens of Spokane County.

Silent Bahb

Sadly, I have yet again ran afoul of the ten-second reply. Rob, take a breath. I merely meant to say that we were talking about Nexbus, not everything that could be fixed with STA.

As much as I would like to mention the lack of bike-rack equipped busses on the south hill, I didn't (until just now) because it had little to do with Nexbus. But don't let me stop you. Go for it!



I believe all new buses they buy going forward will have internet access. Many do already.

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