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Wow, that's quite the ambitious conversion project. I am trying and somewhat failing to imagine a hotel in there. Does anybody know any details about how that's going to work?

(I wish somebody would come hang a "STOP WORK" sign on my door)


They're going to knock down the church and "convert" it to an 8-story building or something like that.

Silent Bahb

Convert? How does one convert one of the most specialized structure types in the city, a 20th century church, into a hotel without a total demolish and rebuild? Or is that what they mean by convert?

Sadly, even our more beautiful churches downtown will soon realize the value of their property and more will relocate outside downtown.



Oh, they're tearing it down. Me and my snooty European "old buildings are cool" education.

Actually, Bahb, there have been some ideas for church conversion - none of them involved a hotel as far as I know, but they have been converted into libraries and indoor climbing facilities.


Actually, there is a 19th century church that was converted into a hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland. They created "rooms" by dividing the space with new walls and then placed tarps over them to create a ceiling of sorts. By the sounds of things, the existing church ceiling had been left in tact... and a tremendous amount of wind could blow through.


Pretty sure it's going to be a total teardown. I believe the bricks are going to be recycled and used in the construction of a new church.

Bryan B

I'm hoping they will stop, collaborate, then listen to each other before proceeding.


If any of you are interested in church conversions I went to this place when I lived in Pittsburgh.


It was fantastic. Fun atmosphere (beer brewing on the altar) and Good food. Hopefully someday people in Spokane will have some vision.

El Corte

Here in lies the problem of the downtown demolition ordinance- it saves nothing. But it could have been worse- I originally heard they were tearing down the church for a Subway.

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