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Doesn't Brewster own that building?


Nope. Believe it's the same Seattle group that owns most of the rest of the block, excluding Brewster's Montvale.

Mariah McKay

Hmm, and what might be the name of that Seattle group? Does anyone know the address of the building off the top of their head? When was the last time an event was hosted there?



Odd Girls LLC, of Spokane. Possibly.........

Rob Brewster

Not my building... It's Spokane Partners or Odd Girls, LLC.


Both the Music City and Odd Fellows buildings are owned by Spokane Partners LLC. That's the outfit belonging to Steve Elliott and Ann Wyman.

Jon Snyder

Dear Elliott & Wyman,

Why has this building turned into a vapor-development? I rented office space in the building for a year in 2003-2004. The building then housed a cool mix of artists, non-profits, and entrepeneurs. We were all kicked out with short notice in 2004 to make way for . . . what? Why has this cool piece of rea estate spent four years doing nothing? Just curious.

SF Columbia

I suppose that unless one has some skin in the game the situation regarding the Music City building shouldn't really be of concern; other than as a curiousity. And no, I don't have any skin in that game either. Hopefully everyone involved will be able to sort out their issues and get the project back on track.


Jon- It looks like they have been
arrears in taxes since you moved out.

Out of curiosity I took a look at the assessors website, it's parcel #35192.1102


What goes around comes around!

El Corte

The last "event" I think held there was the Mother's Day Tour two years ago for downtown lofts. The City of Spokane utilized it as the main hub for information and ticket sales for the MAC.

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