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I’m glad to see the Broadway Sanatorium (the original name and use of this building) getting the attention it deserves. The cumulative effect of countless similar homeowner and commercial projects in West Central is the real story here. The 2000 Census captured West Central’s turn-around long before Kendall Yards was conceived. It’s impossible to conclude that the Summit/Kendall Yards projects have been good for West Central to date as they’ve resulted in speculation and absentee landlordism; there’s an inverse relationship between property values and proximity to the site, the highest values being the most remote.


Looks like a great building with alot character and potential. Hope it gets some new life breathed into it.

By the way, since you mentioned Kendall Yards, any recent news concerning the status of the project ?

Spencer Grainger

I would hesitate to put "Kendall Yards" and "action" in the same sentence. I know, negativism is hardly constructive, but I think we are all having our doubts.

Jon Snyder

It's really cool to see this renovation. It's a great building.

At the risk of seeming snide though, I have to ask: Spokane, what's up with the obsession for painting over brick?

El Corte

Rumor has it they'll be serving up beer...we can only hope.

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