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Silent Bahb

One would think they could have tried a little harder with Witter and Comstock. Comstock is actually losing size, though the zero-depth entry will tempt my son a lot more than the current facility. Oh well, at least they're keeping the historic locker/entry building.


anyone have the construction timeline on these pools?

John Speare

Bahb: there was a very vocal and concerted effort by some people in the Comstock neighborhood to keep the Comstock pool intact as is. They just wanted to replace the tank. It was a bit of work just to get the zero-depth entry. Forget about other fun features.
There were a series of neighborhood/public meetings this spring. The neighborhoods really did define the features; all features were open to all pools (except Witter, I think -- which is the competition pool). The process has been cool to watch, and amazingly efficient by any standard, but considering the bureaucracy and number of moving parts involved with such a project, it's a pretty impressive display of good local government work.

Rob, according to the site, the goal is to complete all pools in time for the 2009 swimming season.


Amazing!! It's so great that the city is doing this.



Now, I guess the next project along these lines will be an indoor aquatic center at Franklin Park. Does anyone believe this is feasible, or would this be a huge uphill battle seeing that they just approved the bond for all of these pools?

Silent Bahb

That makes a lot more sense if Witter is a competition pool. I didn't catch that on my first run through. As for Comstock, I totally understand, John, and I certainly didn't mean to impugn the process. I was merely commenting on the striking visual differences. :o)

Knowing my neighbors, I'm not surprised at the outcry. We live in 50's americana up here and so many just want things to stay the same; something to which I sometimes agree.


I am a little bummed at the comstock pool I could not make it to any of the meetings due to work schedules. I love the idea of the zero entry but it would have been nice to keep the size the same. It is so full already during the summer. As far as toys or what ever we have the water park in the prairie that is all toys so a nice size pool would be better in comstock.

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