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Not that you care, but this Manufacturing Plant has quite a bit of proprietary operating control systems and I doubt they want some "pedestrian" to video tape their stamping process, clean room setups and much much more.

Visit Intel in Oregon and get an idea of secrecy over manufacturing.

I would contact the City Planning Office about their reasoning behind being able to put up those mirrors. I would be interested in knowing if they have justification, based upon industry needs for secrecy.


Marc, not that you care, but you missed the entire point of the story. Personally I think that anyone who requires the security you describe are total idiots for placing their business in a building with a complete glass front and then coming up with the brilliant idea of mirrors as to how to solve the problem.
Not that you care but couldn't these manufacturers not afford secure space somewhere else? Perhaps in an industrial park? Not that I care!


I thought Marc had an interesting point. Thank you Marc. Sorry you had to be put on blast for sharing.


The mirrored front is a reflection of the lack of magic in our downtown and turns our sunny rays blue.


I've been inside this building, and there is a need for secrecy. It's too bad because it's probably the "greenest" building you'll ever see. Very nicely done.

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