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The place looks pretty interesting from the pictures. I just wonder if downtown will be able to sustain all these bars? Especially as gas and food prices continue to rise. Drinking will never go out of fashion... but you still have to be able purchase the drink!


There is so much potential in that area! I think once the ridpath returns to its former glory....and someone decides to build an office and or condo tower at the southwest or northeast intersection of Sprague and Washington, that area would be great!

Mariah McKay

Spokane's [more historic] version of Holocene? Maybe I shouldn't be getting my hopes up too high (again)?

Sounds like Hoopfest weekend is going to be a lot more than just basketball this year. See you all there!


Your interior photos are spectacular. Pure untouched vintage design. Now if someone would look to the exterior and remove awnings and metal doors we would have a real gem! The 60's were great but not from a design perspective..


this club will feature the best dj's and select bands/artists that cater to dance. the dance floor is huge, the sound system and visual displays will be state of the art, but it will still maintain that downtown, loft feel.

see you in June!


I have my hopes up really high for this place. The location is great, and the plans for many different rooms means that my friends and I won't have to split up anymore if some want to dance and others want to play pool and watch sports. Can't wait till opening night! I'll be checking the Casbah for sure!


One thing I do know is that I hope something will be done about the step stairway going up and down or else you will have alot of tipsy people falling down them on there way out! Otherwise....looking forward to grand opening!


One of my earliest memories of downtown Spokane is tagging along with my dad to a jazz jam session in an old, dark, dusty, 2nd story space some 20+ years ago. I'm pretty sure that's the spot. Anyone know anything about that period of it's history? glad to know we'll have another music venue downtown!


A friend said he saw a few punk bands there in the 80s. It was originally a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) hall...


Is there a "Dyno Denny" that works there?


Jeff Woolsey?

Holy shit.


MetroSpokane: reuniting friends and family for almost 3 1/2 years...;)


heh heh!

I went to high school with JEFF Woolsey in CA. Damn.

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