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I agree...it's an improvement, but we can do better with some recycling options.

curtis wibe

I see it as a step forward and I appreciate the change. I think negative comments about what one thinks should have been done should be dismissed. One forward step at a time.


i love the new garbage can, so chic. definitely agree that there should be recycling cans somewhere on the streets as well. is the garbage goat still in riverfront park?


Yep. The Garbage goat is still around and still sucking. If you want a cool T-shirt check out: www.spokaloo.net



Why do you think we should refrain from negative comments on what we think should have been done. Are we not a members of the citizenry that pays for and expects upgrades such as this and more. If we refrain from sharing what we expect, how can we ever change the status quo. If anything we need to hold local government to a higher standard. Part of the reason Spokane's infastructure is in such poor condition is because we hold local government to such a low standard and we don't force them to make the tough decisions. We just allow them to wait and wait without a resolution and then we get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Wouldn't you agree?


I agree! we can do better at recycling all around. when I moved back here from California I thought "if Californians can get it right then surely, surely Washingtonians can". Turns out I was wrong. We recycled more than we threw away in Cali and our recycle bin was the same size as our trash bin. What's with all the recycling rules?

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