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(Stefan.) ;-*


The Hamilton Corridor has a lot of interesting places that sit along the sidewalk; unfortunately, that sidewalk is only about three feet wide. It’s hard to get the neighborhood to walk along Hamilton when you feel like the cars are going to mow you down.
Does anyone know if the City is actually using its Centers and Corridor Design Standards?

Joy Jones

I agree, the U-District has great potential to be a thriving place. In order to realize this potential good urban design is essential. As well as talking about good design we really need to figure out a way to focus new development in the centers and corridors, rather than the existing pattern of developing cheap ag land away from the centers and corridors. Mayor Verner is holding a roundtable on this subject. We need people concerned about urban development to attend that roundtable and ask these questions. The Centers and Corridors roundtable will be held May 21st from 10:30am-12:00pm in the City Council Chambers.

David Blaine

What isn't in the U-District? How can the Hamilton corridor be in the same district as Sprague and Sherman? Is there a map?


Thank you for your information Joy. You are absolutely correct. Developers have had their way in basically building and designing on the cheap, and we need to defend ourselves from new urban blight. If we don't demand pedestrian friendly design, areas like the UD will never happen in reality, only as a concept. I don't feel safe walking along Hamilton which has become the default North-South Freeway. I have stated it before on posts, but people around here seem to accept it. The air quality has ruined the Logan District, not to mention the traffic noise. Wider sidewalks with streetscaping - trees and plantings are a must, and much needed along Hamilton, Trent and Sprague. See you on the 21st!
By the way, the news about the Iron Bridge is great, we need to all help get that bridge painted and opened for more pedestrian access to an emerging area.

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