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Good Lord don't tell me Dania is leaving Spokane. Ikea can stay on the west side, I'll take Dania thanks.


Nah, could be the building is up for sale and nothing else.


The Hutton Building and Montvale are both owned by ConoverBond. Is it possible that they are pulling their investments out of Spokane so that they can focus on Seattle and Portland? I'm hoping that's not the case because we need a good developer like Rob Brewster to save and restore our older buildings.


I'm grateful for the renovations that R. Brewster has done and the benefits they have brought to downtown Spokane.

However, regardless of the reason he's selling, I believe it will be for the best. I have not seen the necessary investments in the on-going upkeep and maintenance that these old buildings (or any, for that matter) require - at least the one I'm familiar with.

That said, I hope he has realized profit from his ventures and continues to do what he does best here in Spokane as well as in Seattle & Portland.


Did an interview with Brewster for a now defunct local weekly about 5 years ago. We toured Havermale park before any work had been done and he detailed his extensive plans for hundreds of apartments and a whole new vibrant end of downtown. Fast forward to today and that block still sits mostly empty.

You will never hear anyone complain more about the city than Rob Brewster, while a company like Rencorp churns out building after building with seemingly no issues. Interesting.


My worst nightmare - the Hutton Building faces the same fate as the Rookery Block. This is a really architecturally pleasing older building. Will we be a former downtown, featuring only vast stretches of parking lots? Is the economy so tanked here that there is no demand for downtown commercial space that would make these older structures desirable?
Please local developers - invest in solid real estate downtown(like the Hutton) and leave our undeveloped outskirts alone!


someday I'll be able to afford a cool building!


Brewster has done more good than RenCorp and Well combined.

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