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Nice use of a small and neglected space, that's for sure. Even if it just turns out to be flowers.

And yeah, urban agriculture FTW. People should take advantage of Spokane's great growing season (which I am insanely jealous of nowadays) more than they do. Tomatoes... bell peppers... eggplant... You people are so lucky!

David Blaine

Another great website is http://www.kitchengardeners.org/
I like the fact that they have started a campaign to pressure the next president to turn the White House lawn into an edible landscape.


The Victory Garden is back just in time for our recent recession. Gardens really can produce a lot of food and yes we have a good growing season once we get this danger of frost our of our systems. When I was growing up in the Logan District, we had a 40 x20 foot long space that produced a bounty of vegetables for two months. There's nothing like the taste of still warm tomatoes from the garden and corn picked, husked and thrown into boiling water for 5 minutes. Great memories! Yes those little parking strips that dry out in summer make great planting spaces - just cut out the turf, till, add some compost and plant. Keep up the postings of creative gardeners.

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