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Brian A. Sayrs

I saw that sign, too. Disrespectful.


Hmm. Sounds like 70's-style political correctness lives on in Spokane. Congrats to Charley's for playing a more upbeat tune.


At the least they could have done nothing at all. Might have been more tasteful.


Look at it this way: maybe they already used up their only "W", "O", the "M" and "E" for "WELCOME", and their only "N" for "NCAA".

And hey, it's better than "WELCOME STATE B JAILBAIT" isn't it?


The Lusty Lady is a strip club across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. Their signs, hilarious word play relating to the exhibitions in both venues, are a tourist attraction. This is the closest I’ve seen to that in Spokane Glad to see it.


Ahhh...Spokane! I love it!


maybe our new city slogan should be
Spokane: Don Imus loves it here!


Stay classy, Spokane.

D Huygens

Charley's has a right to offend. Women (and the men who love them) have a right to spend their money at Charley's or not. If enough take offense, Charley will see it on his bottom line.

Sad to see such misogyny in 2008, but certainly isn't unique to Spokane.

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