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that was s stupid move by the county!!! I can't believe it. Now tax payers have to foot the bill for the clean-up. Way to go Spokane County!


This is ridiculous. Nevermind that the county is dipping into the RESERVES for this purchase, but the level of oil in the ground is 3 times the level permitted by the EPA. I hoped a couple commissioners get booted from office for this.


What on earth does the county want the racetrack for? Can somebody clue me in?


I have a few good reasons for buying the track. It WILL make money for the county if not directly it brings in a lot of money in tourism. People coming here for the races have to eat and sleep in town.

Also it keeps kids from racing on the streets on any given friday night there are 500 plus kids racing at the track that would most likely other wise be on the streets racing.

Do you have a problem with the spokane arena or the convention center? You foot the bill for those facilities!

A smaller racing facility in Tri cities just sold for 11 million and was torn down for a parking lot. If the track was sold to someone else it would either be a parking lot or 500 homes that cant be sold watering down the housing market in spokane. The county did the right thing!!

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