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interesting.....I think some sort of professional building there and some ground level retail would be nice. What would everyone else like to see there?


Some food offerings for the locals (GU). A string of small-scale retail....


When I was in SPokane, I went over there to see one of the old Jebbes I know from my days there. He told me about this piece. It didn't dawn on me until just now. So I'm thinking GU. Somehow when they want to remain private, they are just so good at it!!


Most definitely it has to be GU. Other than up, it's the only other option/direction they can grow.


I can't imagine that they would put an academic building or student housing between Ruby and Division. I would think that would be too dangerous having students run across Ruby everyday to go to class or a dorm! But, maybe I am wrong!

I did hear about GU planning on constructing a gateway entrance at the intersection of Ruby and the street that the Fuller building is on.


Got to be G.U. Think about it, without Gonzaga'a expansion in the last 5 years, the town would be pretty sleepy..
I can't believe that the mill buildings can be saved without radical redesign and investment. I predict destruction will preceed more tackly strip mall development.


I asked Burgans Furniture owner Bruce McEachran about Gonzaga, since I'd heard those rumors as well. He said Gonzaga had never approached him.


Well it's like Sacred Heart, they NEVER buy land or buildings themselves. It's always a lawyer or a trusted realtor who buys things for them. "Assigns" is the key work I think.


should be interesting what happens with it.


I heard that Whole Foods or another store like that is coming to the area...wouldn't be surprised if it's them! That's what I would prefer.

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