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Brian A. Sayrs

Contact Interplayers to see if they have some space available upstairs. Email Jim McCurdy at jamesmccurdy at icehouse dot net.


As rents rise in the Davenport District, I've heard artists and studios are starting to look east, just across Division on Sprague. Many two and three-story buildings out that way, and though most are a bit run-down, it's how the Davenport area used to look before the arts helped revive things there.
But there are still many, many vacant or under-utilized upper floors in downtown proper - a little nosing about would almost certainly turn something up!

Mariah McKay

I recommend inquiring after studio space in the Cat's Eye Gallery building ~225 W. Indiana. Email Conrad Bagley at cgbagley at peoplepc dot com. You will definitely get the most bang for your buck here - plus a community of supportive & creative type friends.

charles greer

the 2nd & howard area is up and coming art area... interplayers might have space, and above the new art music and more on second and wall they have space available.

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