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Bart Mihailovich

Glass, brick and concrete eh? As soon as I read that I got that David Byrne song, "Glass, Concrete and Stone" in my head.

Mariah McKay

Down with 'office-parky'! I vote for the revival of the Jensen-Byrd Building in the south campus area (as if I had a vote).

Like Jane Jacobs says:

"Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings."

Bart Mihailovich

Good quote Mariah


Yes the Jensen Byrd,a diamond in the rough if there ever was one - or at least a jewel in the office park. Read (google it) about the Phoenix Project, a well thought out plan to redevelop this glorious building complete with space for research/businesses and a public market space. A perfect citizen for the so called U District, that in fact would be a giant step in making this area earn its desired namesake.

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