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David Blaine

I think that any true billboard for the the people would have to be in a more central location. The thing about the old location was that it was not specific to any neighborhood or school. Doubtful if Mead Cross Country would be representin' on the Bernard Street Wall.


So true, David.

bridge painter

One of the most fun nights I ever had was the hot summer night we spent painting that wall above the Monroe St. bridge, taking breaks to go skinny dip with the chicas down at the base of the falls (which you could do b/c it was late summer and flow was low).


whoever painted the tank on the bernard wall is just copying the wheat pasters who put stuff up in the same place .


Public art in a true large urban setting. However here in Spokane, particularly overlooking the once pristine river gorge this is visual garbage beyond belief. Remember when the city used to dump dirt and other "fill " materials in this location? A true tragic legacy. Kendall Yards - thank you Black Rock-should finally clean this area up for our future. At least that should be part of the deal. Are you listening Tom Reese?


umm...jim...didn't they already clean it up? This photo is way old.


Yes mostly, butI'm speaking of past behavior that we lived with for years and looking forward to the comiing development. I believe that the gorge itself still needs minimal clean up to return it to a natural state. The Olmsted design for the Great Gorge Park is still relevent.

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