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Hey metro,

I spotted this on the SRM website just last week. Good job getting this up so quickly. I'd been dying to hear more on the project. It's been since Oct. '06 (when the project was first floated in the Journal of Business) since I've heard anything new. Let's hope it only a couple of short years out!


Looks nice! And what a great location too. I didn't even know the old YWCA building was history. That seems like a part of downtown that could also attract some young families what with its proximity to the park.

Does anybody know what the glass-covered atrium-looking part of the lower building is supposed to be used for?


a trustworthy friend of mine told me that construction is planned for next spring.


Im just so happy to see more glass incorporated into some of the architecture downtown!!!

Silent Bahb

Yay! Finally some (more) love for the north side!


Agreed - more glass makes a much improved design, certainly more pleasing than the Upper Falls. Now let's see how the city responds with the shoreline regs and upcoming permitting. Could be tenuous..


While the height of the structure will certainly be controversial, I hope the community pays at least as much attention to the street-level aspects of this project as it moves forward. Also, I'm happy to see developers offer river access and public amenites - but Spokane needs its own coherent and well-articulated vision for this area, so opportunities like this can be leveraged to greatest effect!


I think Jim's correct. I've not seen this before but if you expand the site plan and the buildings themselves, you'll soon see that every inch of the land is taken up by concrete and brick. It's built right up to the river bank as the flat part does downhill to the river. Doesn't seem right. I don't know anythng about the regulations but wasn't there a big legal fight over this type of construction? Anyone?

Andrew Waddilove

I like it.
It's a great looking project with a great location.
I hope it becomes a reality.


Well stated Rick! I'm all for this project and the amenites it brings with it.Yes we do need a vision for this area, but this is an improvement. Look at the blight that has existed around this area forever. The powerhouse and adjacent property have an almost midieval look. Bring on good design and glass with views from the units and pleasing to the eye. Lets support the work of local developers.

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