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Mariah McKay

I want to live in The Janet (above the Globe) so bad I could grow Lilacs in December. Walking to work? Yes please!

And "visual damage"? How about VISUAL CATASTROPHE! The back side of the convention center from that intersection looks like the enormous blinking hulk of a beached whale.

Andrew Waddilove

Does anyone know the progress of the Gateway Building that was proposed for the U-District?
I remember reading about it in the Journal of Business almost a year ago now.
Is it still on track in the future, or was it just "hopeful talk" like many other proposed projects?


Who knows........Wish some of the projects proposed were a little more concrete. I think, nay I know, proposals are made with the intention of drawing interest. Purely speculative.


Gateway - just one of many announcements that have disappeared. The most recent the Condo Tower to be located at the former YWCA site will likley have the same fate.. I'm tired of these tantilizing schemes based only in fantasy. The none follow though on these doesn't exactly build confidence in our region. There is no market driven demand for office space. What little does exist is provided by cheap strip mall space constantly built in the Valley and other fringes. WIth the lending crisis I don't envision a lot of high end residential development around here for a long time.

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