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Silent Bahb

Now I know why I don't need streetlights where I live - the glow from all those ligths downtown (still blaring at full capacity at 2:00 AM) keeps us lit up just nicely.

I know there are crime/safety issues, I know that - so don't start flaming me for this. That being said, I wish someone could come up with a practical way to reduce the intensity/quantity of lighting during these early morning hours when (as you can clearly see in the video) practically no one is using them. The signals all turn yellow - can't we do something similar with the lights? (let the bashing begin)


I like the video, I like it alot. I think that there ought to be a whole series of them done by different artists and shown at the empyrean or the shop on their outdoor screens or at the Magic Lantern. They could even be a part of the film festival with the grand prize being the inclusion of the film on tourism websites for the "alternative" tourist. Silent Bahb's comment on the street lighting is a good one. Non-essential lighting including business signs should be shut off at a certain time every night. Bring back the dark skies and the stars will come out!

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