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John Speare

ok. this took me forever to find. And when I found it, I could barely see what I was looking for. But because it took me forever, I must post it. Any cyclist that has climbed "4 Mounds Road" off of 7 mile, in the middle of the summer appreciates the little water fountain on the side fo the road. It's a pipe with super nice cold water coming out of the hill.
So, go to google maps, search:

13336 W Four Mound Rd, spokane.

Pan to the right (east-ish) and zoom into the shadey spot on the side of the road.

Prepare to be underwhelmed, but you can make out a bit of blurry water falling out of a blurry pipe.

Mike M.

Check this out!!!

Turns back the hands of time kinda. Wish it went back further. Sure we all wish it went back further.

564 W. Riverside Spokane, Wa

Pan to the Right, and go back in time.


now if only they had done it before the rookery block was demolished...


This whole thing is pretty cool, addicting, and slightly scary. Google is taking over the world.


The portal to heaven is under the viaduct at Sprague and Browne St. looking south. [see link in name below]


^ nice one. also offsets your evil for killing my weekend by introducing this. :)

Just thinking about what all went into something like this makes my head hurt.

So I'll go look at my favorite rock arch. (738 W 7th Ave Spokane, Wa - turn to face south in case I didn't do the link right).

Bicounty dude

NICE took until the second day for me to realize that it goes all the way to Spauge Lake and Reardan

Silent Bahb

Somebody stop me! I've spent WAY too long playing with this since it showed up last week.

I have actually used it once to find something and it was nice to get a visual of the location, not just a dot on a map. This has the potential to be one of the most handy additions to Google Maps I have ever seen. I do get a kick out the fact that they did Spokane before Seattle. Way to go east side!


check out the iron bridge condos: the street side units are definitely over-priced when you see them for realsies. where are all the trees the condo website promises as part of the lush surroundings (must have to buy riverfront for that)?

629 N. Erie Ct. Spokane, WA

Silent Bahb

Um, anon., you do realize these photos were taken in August, right?


really? the grass and trees in spokane don't look like that right now? yes, i realized that. i meant the asphalt views that you will only get from the street-side units (no matter the season). all those windows face is the street and another blacktop parking lot across the street. the only greenery you get to view is the office park-style landscaping. kind of a bummer to be so close to the river, yet so far away (in the streetside units). that's all i'm saying.


Anon, what do you see from a downtown condo?...cars, buildings, asphalt, etc. Do you have access to a riverfront lawn & patio from any downtown condo?? I think not. The street-side units @ Iron Bridge at least provide that & for same $$/sq. ft. as downtown. No comparison.

Silent Bahb

True, AEC. I think the hardest part about the concept of an urban condo (and I have all kinds of trouble with this) is understanding that "urban" often means you give up things like grass and trees outside your window. I guess that's why they invented potted plants.


"I think the hardest part about the concept of an urban condo (and I have all kinds of trouble with this) is understanding that "urban" often means you give up things like grass and trees outside your window."

Not necessarily. If the city's public space is of the highest quality then people will likely have no problem whatsoever giving up the huge burden called yard-work.

Anyway, here's a nice view of Minnehaha.


I happen to be in the market for a downtown condo. If I buy a "downtown" condo, I want to see buildings cars and streets NOT an office park with a big blacktop parking lot and some neatly manicured grass. If I buy a "riverfront" condo, I want to see the river. I just find it odd that a complex billed as "riverfront" didn't utilize the space better to give all units a view rather than just access. I love the project and I might buy a unit at ironbridge some day, but it won't be one of the streetside units. Google street view makes a great real estate browsing tool!

the gateway to heaven post was great. it reminded me of an old utility building (complete with "stay out, stay alive" signs) that looked like the gateway to hell. but, looks like it has been "flipped" into a real house. pan east at 4184 N. Monroe. the home now looks like a tiny spanish house, but used to totally creepy.


Nomination for the Best Decorated Tree:

934 W Wabash Ave Spokane, Wa

Look south.

Move east to the corner, look south at their front yard and check out the nomination for the Most Hideous Lawn Ornament category.


Awful, absolutely awful.

Stacy K

That's my home. And for your information, our children love their play area and the tree.

Stacy K

Just kidding.

Silent Bahb

I think the ensemble is completed by the pickup truck wrecker to the right and the trailer to the left. All in all the framing effect is quite good. :o)

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