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Mariah McKay

If the trees in the sketch were ponderosas, THEN I might believe it is Spokane . . .

Bart Mihailovich

Good observation Mariah!


I like it, but clearly the artist of the mock-ups does not live in Spokane. Where are the people with a mullet and beat up sneakers?


The Valley along Sprague is an area I eliminate from my out of town guests tour of our fair region. Some of the tackiest and ugliest suburban sprawl I have ever seen anywhere in the country. Commercial developers with no vision except to collect rent have had a feast out there for half a century. Glad to see planning at last. It will take public private partnerships and some economic development for needed property tax revenues to fund improvements and to create a demand for housing. Zoning standards and enforcement will be critical, as well as public input for design that will at least look something like the current sketches. I'll probably not live long enough to see it come to fruition, but great vision at last!

Andrew Waddilove

I like it.
It reminds me of The Domain in Austin, TX.


Ponderosas as urban street trees? I trust this was a joke.

What about the architecture? What represents Spokane Valley? Are we starting from scratch here?


Yes this corridor for the most part is tacky, but next time you're at the corner of Pines and Sprague - have a look the great inventory of buildings on the south west corner.

Bart Mihailovich

I believe she is referring to the fact that Ponderosas are native to this area and a city should embrace it's natural beauty. I believe that Ponderosas should be utilized more in terms of landscaping, why not? Try something new and different.

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