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Hey man, check out the lofts on Sherman Avenue (because it can't all be rosey on Sherman), and what is locally referred to as Clown Town -- the Mill River development on Northwest Blvd. between Post Falls and CdA. Some people trash Clown Town, but I like it and it will eventually tie into Riverstone in CdA.

Andrew Waddilove

I was amazed to see that Coeur d'Alene has a quite a few mid-rise and high-rise condo projects downtown.
I was also impressed with Coeur d'Alene's can-do attitude, making projects into realities, instead of proposed "hopefuls" like here in Spokane.
While you're there, check out The Parkside, and McEuen Terrace.
Both are great examples of downtown high-density residential projects.


CDA grows because the City's behind it. Nobody ( not even Hagadone) is controlling. Very correct...it's NOT like the situation in Spokane. The community is behind the growth in CDA...not separted from it. CDA isn't somebody's cash machine. They done a very good job. I hope it continues. Community matters.

The City of CDA is actually eager for developers to come do a good job.It costs money to do a good job but people are willing to work there (ie see John Stone) and develop interesting, fun things.

Go see if the trolley connecting the downtown with the new proposals on NW Blvd is still planned. It's a project that nicely ties things together. Last time I reviewed it (Summer) it's design was a good thing for everyone...developers and citizens alike. I'd like to know how that project is faring. D

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