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Does anyone know where I can buy some elk steaks / meat in Spokane?


Elk ? Come on, what about progress ? Who needs 400 head of elk when investors could develop the property for luxury condos.

A savvy developer could squeeze in at least a couple thousand high-end condos on 83 acres.

(Sorry a little mid-western sarcasm is creeping out)


Sarcasm aside Andy. If one really loves the idea of open land being taken over, look no further than Liberty Lake. Seems like the gals and guys from the "powers that be" in downtown Spokane have found a way to put a few thousand condos/apts/smaller homes out North of the Lake. Right near the aquifer. I heard it's with approval of the Liberty Lake Mayor and Council members too.
City gets support from the State legislators....who seem to have been alerted to the "benefits" of supporting this project. Also though, the City of LL get's the benefits of tax dollars. Was this the same model for the mall in downtown Spokane? Do Leopards change spots often? It's an exciting time.

When I was little, I remember my parents driving us kids around out there and there was nothing but gorgeous land/crops and a beautiful lake. Mountains looked gigantic to us kids. Breadbasket issues aside, I wonder if this is the "good" type of growth we hear about?. It sounds like somebody wore out their collective welcome downtown. Next stop: Liberty Lake. And shouldn't Spokane be sold on light rail to bring people back and forth AND have the citizens pay for it too? Sounds like a good deal!! Not living in Spokane, I wonder how that project is going. Anyone know?


Why don't you start a Metro(CDA) website...if I wanted to know about Idaho I would live there!


Dazzeetrader, I'm from Liberty Lake and did a brief internship there in 2006, so maybe a little insight... Personally I think the River District could turn out very, very well.

The people involved have some very nice concepts for open spaces along the river (or at least they did when I last saw the plans) and if you look at some of their latest work in LL and near CDA you'll see that it's quite walkable, with expansive park areas and OK house designs too. In the River District, they're planning on trying out some New-Urbanist-ish forms of housing: Row houses and townhomes with a pedestrian path between the backyards.

As far as light rail, the River District will include a little hub of commercial uses called Telido Station. Sounds like that might be the developers' "nudge nudge, wink wink" to the powers that be...

Bart Mihailovich

Elk farms and Cabellas are what's wrong with the West. Did you know that Cabellas also runs a real estate business and buys up public land, in turn shutting locals off of it and charging out of state hunters tons of money. And people get excited when Cabelles comes to thier areas - if they only knew. Then there are elk farms where diseases easily creep into animal populations and end up destroying the whole herd. In the wild, it's survival of the fittest and a diseased animal may get to a few others but usually the sick one becomes weak and lays down somewhere to die. Also on these elk farms, the same out of staters come and pay, once again, tons of money to kill "wild" animals that are basically domesticated.
Elk farms should be illegal and you all should boycott Cabellas - if you want any free public land to recreate on

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