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Yea, I can see the practicality of it for city use, but my favorite part of living here is going camping, skiing, hiking, etc. I can't see myself driving up the mountain, or down a dirt road with it. I'll stick with a mazda hatchback.


can you make that a smartforfour please? LOL. then I'll buy one.

PS - aren't these the ones that have batteries that can't be recycled so really are they that much more practical?


Nope. These run on a 3 cylinder 71hp gas engine. They get around 40 city/45 highway mpg. They diesel (which won't be coming to the US) gets over 70mpg.


I'd rather get a mini-coop. Smart cars are nice, but they don't fit more than two people, that's just inconvenient.

Silent Bahb

I don't know, I currently have a squashed Focus (read: hatchback) and I enjoy having a little car to run around town in. Of course, two seats is hard to stomach (not that it's usually more than me in the car) but I can offset that with the family assault vehicle (aka SUV) for those skiing trips.

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