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El Corte

If I buy this, do I get hot buttered rums from Clinkerdagger's for free?


oh how I wish!!! I would totally make it into a mansion.


i can afford the 1 sq. foot price... :)

Silent Bahb

Please don't let it be torn down, please don't let it be torn down, please don't . . .


Isn't it a registered historical landmark? Don't think it can be torn down.


Here's an idea... I will set up a paypal account, everyone donates enough until I can buy it. Then, I will call it Metro Spokane Flour Mill. What do you think?


Paul-It's obvious you're a man of great vision. We'd be honored.

Silent Bahb

Ah, pandering to the publisher. Shame on you, Paul. :)

Then again, as long as you kept it useful and respected it's history - I would donate.

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