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Too bad the Park Tower didn't start a trend for more housing along Spokane Falls Blvd.! Between the old Sheraton Hotel (DoubleTree) and the Park Tower, both were under construction during the Expo months, so it gave a sense of progress for Spokane during those years.

Andrew Waddilove

I agree. The 1970's was a great period in Spokane when it came to new and exciting downtown housing at that time.
Downtown sprouted Park Tower, Riverfalls Tower, and Cathedral Plaza.
It's a shame that the trend didn't carry over past the 1970's.
Our skyline would look a lot different today.
Hopefully after the housing slump is over, demand for downtown housing will return, making proposals on a drawing board into realities.
Who knows...perhaps the Vox Tower, One Fifty-Three Wall Street, and other downtown projects could later become MetroSpokane's future "Blasts From The Past"

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