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Silent Bahb

I have to say my favorite thing on the Windemere site is the comment "Fourth floor is new construction." Having seen this building get practically torn down and rebuilt, I think you could almost say the whole darn thing is new construction. Look at the Summer picture MetroSpokane included. That sucker was gutted.

That being said, I'm so so happy that they at least made an attempt at giving the building some character. Every time I see an older home rennovated to look like some weird cousin of a California-style cookie-cutter home, it makes me sad. This . . . this is better.


The developers would have loved to have been able keep with the original design. The city however, had other ideas. It now has a fire escape on the side of the building. The elevator is still in the same place.( On the south side.) Four additional balconies were added to the west of the building as well, which is a nice addition. Drywall is now being installed. Tours to follow after the elevator is finished, probably towards the end of March. I can't wait... :)

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