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Silent Bahb

All right, here's your product for families. It may not be right downtown, but close enough. Yeah, the kitchen is a little small, but it has a yard and it looks pretty good. I like it. And for $169k, that's not so shabby.


I think that compared to the abbey even before we see what the building materials are I would say that this is probably more "environmentally friendly" than the abbey considering each of the abbey's units are around three times as large as each one of these units. At some point we've got to look at giant houses built with "green" materials and compare them to putting a hybrid engine into a ford excursion. The abbey will still use a TON of energy per year, and a heck of a lot more than they needed to if they would have designed ala "Not so big house."


These look nice. They did some cottages like this in Seattle when I lived over there, but they were still well over $300,000.

I didn't see any information on the listing agent's site. Do you know when they'll be available to buy? I assume you can reserve one before they're actually finished.

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