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is it already up for sale? if not do you know when?

I went to this art school in the summers when I was a kid.

affordable artists lofts is code for really small studio apartment with no square footage. LOL. I wonder when they are going to make a set of lofts/condos that cater to families since that is what Spokane is mostly comprised of.

Silent Bahb

Interesting, Rachel. One question though - do you really feel that enough families would be interested in condos to make such development worthwhile? Sure, the price (when compared to a single-family house) would make a condo attractive, but the majority of families I have spoken to about this issue have consistenly listed some sort of yard or playspace as an important factor in their purchasing decision. Sure, there are some who would be interested, but I wonder if the demand is there.

Obviously, any family-oriented condo devleopment would have to be very carefully placed and designed.


Silent Bahb - I suppose you're right. I personally think I would like to live in a condo as long as it was close to a park (Riverfront park in particular), but of course I only have one child. I guess because it's so easy to come by a house with a yard it wouldn't be the first choice for most. I can see the benefits of living in a condo though: no yard work, less expensive. I really love downtown and I think it could be a family friendly living area. They have a huge park, children's museum, library, more cultured and it's just fun to walk around downtown. The only down side would be no grocery store close by.

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