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Mariah McKay

I wish there were an ordinance against this sort of thing. What a sure-fire way to make Downtown Spokane look like a prison state! I often compare Portland to Athens and Spokane to Sparta - this kind of street lining is a case in point!


Somehow, I like the old Safeway better. Screw fences.

John Speare

I'm pretty sure that there is a prohibition on such fences in the downtown core. I do know that the lot is in downtown proper. My guess is that the Toyota/Lexus folks just did it and it's likely to stay like that until someone complains. But I could be wrong and I don't know who you would complain to. Code enforcement?


I'm still steamed that nobody thought to put a Trader Joes there!


There's soon to be a large vacancy where CompUSA used to live that would be a nice fit too.

Bart Mihailovich

Alright, it's been almost two weeks since I heard a Trader Joe comment.


ahahahaha! there are lots of pretty things like that in Spokane.


Likely a code violation. Barbed wire?! Come on..The problem is - code enforcement is missing in Spokane. Driven through the once stately Logan District recently? Car dealerships belong in the burbs. Trader Joe's likes upscale,laidback and sophisticated. Get my drift?
Spokane..Near Nature..Nearer to barbred wire.


I'm not a fan of barbed wire, but I wasn't a fan of the tagging and crime that went on around that building either. Honestly I don't blame someone for trying to protect their few million dollars worth of vehicles until the remodel is complete and security is in place. I think the barbed wire is the least of the unpleasantries around there....


Fences, like locks, only keep honest people honest. That fence, no matter how high, isn't going to keep people from tagging the area.

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