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word is......it's going to be a jazz bar/lounge. Should be nice!

Bart Mihailovich

How exciting. Jim Sheehan and his forward thinking Saranac deserve a lot of credit for breathing fresh air into E. Downtown.

David Blaine

Zola is the jazz bar sibling of WIlliam Webster's Isabella's just across the street. Dan Spalding (the building owner and notable local artist) is doing the interior design using recycled materials.


I heard tapas.. as far as food goes..

Mariah McKay

There will be a 2nd level card room covered in recycled license plates to host games in (apparently legal if the house doesn't take a cut), two encloseable party rooms with refurbished wrap-around wall seating, hand poured concrete bar and counter tops, bar stools and more by Biggs Metal Art, and balcony seating constructed out of my Grandpa's old Tilt-A-Whirl buckets. Above the bar are some foot rests off of the seats from my family's old Ferris Wheel. So obviously this place is significant for me personally, like some kind of living museum.

A lot of TLC went in to designing and building this special, authentically Spokane establishment. Everyone should go there and check it out with their friends.


does anyone know the projected opening date?

Mariah McKay

As far as I can tell, the opening date can't be set because the place is in review by regulatory officials and they are taking a frustrating amount of time with the approval process. Hopefully within a 1-3 months?

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