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It would be nice in the winter... but what about the summer? What would that space serve as then?


horrible choice on their part. I've never liked the location and even when the rides are running I still don't like the location of them. I would definitely have loved to have it where the Red Wagon is now.


In the summer it could be used the same way they use it now in the summer....a mini golf or putt and play....whatever they want to call it. It also could have been used as a public plaza among other things. If they would have put the rink where the red wagon is and put a famers market next to the gondolas where they hold the 'pigout in the park' event, then riverfront park would be very very nice all year round!!!


Easy for me now to comment that I live in Phoenix/Tokyo, however I have always thought Spokane had such a great canvous/slab to work and with a few "tweaks and turns" here and there life would be much better in the Lilac City. Spokane has it's trademarks one of the most famous is infact the World's Fair Pavillion which (IMO) is not utilized well at all. (A rundown mini golf facility and a few beat up carni rides do not do it justice) If I could be "King for a day" I would (understanding the elements of course like before and the wear and tear) re-cover the Pavillion (got to have some kind of material), I would place a landmark sized Ferris Wheel outside the Pavillion (Large Scale) then inside go with a class Science Center (again but better)and aquarium with a small venue for public gathering seating for concerts/etc. I would move the ice rink out in the park maybe cover it to a part with some sort of overhang (not enclosed). And run an old trolley from North of the Park (Arena) to either the Convention Center or downtown.

Maybe a bit far fetched for the people of Spokane....


Great ideas former Spokanite! Why isn't the roof replaced on the pav? Why provide another reason to poke fun at Spokaloo with leaving the roof skeleton. Let's get on board to move the skating rink into pubic view!


You guys realize the park board wants to turn the pavilion into an amphitheater and move all the rides/ice rink across the river right? And the people who opened the Mobius Children's Museum are trying to finalize their plans for a real science center in the same area next to the arena? Most all of your ideas have already been thought of, the hard part is coming up with funding and dealing with all the red tape.



Yes I have been following that idea for years now and like everything in Spo-Ville all talk no action almost like Rob Brewsters in charge of it or something. I think the Pavillion warrants more than just an amphitheater. An amphitheater "alone" is only going to grab crowds when an "event" is held otherwise it will attract/harbor Spokane's "Best" when not in use. With availability from the arena/convention center/renovated fox/magic lanter theaters not to mention open air concerts held in the park already it is not justified. Moving the rides (if you can call them such) is not a wise decision especially to the N. Banks for they are not complete amusement quality however are now just "flair" for the park. I say invest something more attractive inside the park/pavillion (Like Seattle Center) or much like it was erected for it's purpose during Expo 74, and add to the wealth of the park instead of pawning it out of it's borders.


"Red Tape"

That is Spokane's theme.

Hesitant investors, stubborn City Council, zoning and NIMBYs are Spokane's downfall. If someone is willing to build it hundreds of feet to the north, and if someone is willing to turn the Pavillion it into an Amphitheater one would think a compromise or intellegence levels would spark for the sake of preserving the cities history and using it to it's best potential. Red tape needs to come down and the city needs to wake up.

bree r

i like the pavilion without a cover. however, a more open and visible location for the skating would be nice. we've been overseas on a tropical island for the last 2 years and are returning to spokane in jan. right now, paradise to me is gliding on the ice at riverfront park, seeing my breath in the cold air and stopping at 4 seasons for coffee to warm up later on. i can't wait!

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