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Based on the photos it looks as if the project created an interior courtyard space. I have heard of marketing studies that show single parent household and, single head of households prefer the communal space of an interior courtyard because of safety and sociability. All the same I wonder what the local codes had to do with the design and why there is not an affordable housing ordinance.


I'd like to echo the comments and confirm the above, having worked on that project. The units all face the center and create a common courtyard area, which is quite appealing for those that live in the homes, much more so than many of the other homes in the neighborhood (or a view of the street for that matter).

The picture from the courtyard is pleasant, and the homes incorporated many sustainable features into them in an effort to reduce the long-term operating costs. And with the terribly high prices of land, these multi-unit developments are the only types that the low-income providers can afford to develop - gone are the days of single-family detached Habitat projects in Spokane.


Certainly Zeck Butler and Anne Helyman are innovative in their affordable housing projects.

I have to take issue with any desire for an affordable housing ordinance in the first comment. Multifamily design guidelines might be great for Spokane, but anything directed specifically at affordable housing....well, that is just a bit scary.

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