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Mariah McKay

I hope whoever is doing this will fill up the entire wall with cool images of interesting and mysterious people.

What a unique alternative to the ho-hum amateur graffiti that typically populates such surfaces!

P.S. Rasterizing is cool. I want to do this in my apartment somehow.


I noticed something really funny as i was comparing the pictures of Bucky and this Girl. They were pasted at the exact same spot!


Interesting mystery. I love this kind of thing...seems to me that if the last two pictures pasted here were of good ole Bucky, then this lady might be some iconic architect as well...at least it's somewhere to start, right?


The artist is not aware her image has been put up. But dont fear, she is a friend, and this is a surprised gift to her. (Dont spoil the surprise).

click the link on my name for more.
metro spokane, we sincerely appreciate your coverage of our work. Is there any more secure way we can contact you about future projects? (other than comments).

Here is the orignal photo:


Mariah McKay

Someone just pasted an impressive cut-out of the Diane Arbus grenade boy underneath the Maple St. bridge down in Peaceful Valley. It looks GREAT, is thought provoking, edgy, and is a flavorful addition to the neighborhood . . . you all should come and check it out!

Now if we could just get someone to restore our historic murals down in that same area!


Just an FYI...there is another image on the backside of the Holy Threads/Pigeon Hole Gallery building. You can see it from the base of Pioneer park at the corner of 7th and Stevens.

Google me...

When will someone throw up a Jimmy Dean Sausage image??? Thats what I want to know....

That one guy...

Hey...thats my building...cool!


yeah, there's what looks to be wayne coyne of the flaming lips on the side of that building with the dragon on it. sweet ! nice placement. you can see it while driving up bernard.

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