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Bryan Bussard


I wonder if we're ever going to be able to afford living downtown if rent keeps going up...


I like the picture of the house! Not your typical suburbia house that the other cities have!

Bring on the better jobs!


I live downtown $575 for a studio/1 bedroom (I think of it as a Jr. 1 bedroom). Try finding that in downtown Seattle, Christ it is tough finding that 20 minutes outside downtown Seattle.


first, let me say I've been browsing around your blog for some time tonight. It's great. lots of info.

I actually moved from California a month ago, but I'm a born and raised Spokanite.

Keep on eye on the Spokane market. there are more houses than ever on the market right now. the rest of the country is tanking big time and personally I think Spokane isn't far behind. Although that's good for me since I'm looking to buy.

Just wish downtown lofts were a little more affordable.

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